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PySiddhi is a Python wrapper for Siddhi. Which can listens to events from data streams, detects complex conditions described via a Streaming SQL language, and triggers actions. It performs both Stream Processing and Complex Event Processing on streaming data. Its Siddhi core is written in Java library.



PySiddhi4 can be installed using pip.

pip install pysiddhi4

For detail insulation and prerequisite refer section on Installation Guide.

Quick Demo

Following is a quick demo of how to use PySiddhi4. For comprehensive demo please refer Quick-Demo-PySiddhi4

Step 1 - Define filter using Siddhi Query.

siddhiManager = SiddhiManager()
# Siddhi Query to filter events with volume less than 150 as output
siddhiApp = "define stream cseEventStream (symbol string, price float, volume long);" + \
            "@info(name = 'query1') " + \
            "from cseEventStream[volume < 150] " + \
            "select symbol, price " + \
            "insert into outputStream;"

# Generate runtime
siddhiAppRuntime = siddhiManager.createSiddhiAppRuntime(siddhiApp)

For more details on Siddhi Query Language, refer Siddhi Query Language Guide.

Step 2 - Define a listener for filtered events.

# Add listener to capture output events
class QueryCallbackImpl(QueryCallback):
    def receive(self, timestamp, inEvents, outEvents):
        PrintEvent(timestamp, inEvents, outEvents)

Step 3 - Test filter query using sample input events.

# Retrieving input handler to push events into Siddhi
inputHandler = siddhiAppRuntime.getInputHandler("cseEventStream")

# Starting event processing

# Sending events to Siddhi
inputHandler.send(["WSO2", 60.5, LongType(200)])
inputHandler.send(["GOOG", 50, LongType(30)])
inputHandler.send(["IBM", 76.6, LongType(400)])
inputHandler.send(["WSO2", 45.6, LongType(50)])

# Wait for response


The 3 events with volume less than 150 are printed in log.

INFO  EventPrinter - Events{ @timestamp = 1497708406678, inEvents = [Event{timestamp=1497708406678, id=-1, data=[IBM, 700.0], isExpired=false}], RemoveEvents = null }
INFO  EventPrinter - Events{ @timestamp = 1497708406685, inEvents = [Event{timestamp=1497708406685, id=-1, data=[GOOG, 50], isExpired=false}], RemoveEvents = null }
INFO  EventPrinter - Events{ @timestamp = 1497708406687, inEvents = [Event{timestamp=1497708406687, id=-1, data=[WSO2, 45.6], isExpired=false}], RemoveEvents = null }

Clean Up - Remember to shutdown the Siddhi Manager when your done.



PySiddhi is initiated by a project for Google Summer of Code 2017 Program.

Contributed by: Madhawa Vidanapathirana
Organization: University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

How to Contribute

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  • We are committed to ensuring support for Siddhi (with its extensions) and WSO2 Stream Processor from development to production.
  • Our unique approach ensures that all support leverages our open development methodology and is provided by the very same engineers who build the technology.
  • For more details and to take advantage of this unique opportunity, contact us via